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Can CBD Help Me Sleep

Can CBD Help Me Sleep

“Can CBD help me sleep?”

 It’s safe to say, sleep is one of the most important aspects in living a healthy life. However, with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, few individuals are successful in achieving a good night’s sleep consistently. According to the American Sleep Association, nearly 50-70 million adults in the United States suffer from sleep disorders at one point in their lives. Lack of sleep or other sleep disorders have the potential to wear down not only your energy levels and impact mood; but they may also affect your overall health and well-being, work performance and quality of life. 

There are a number of factors which can impact an individual's ability to fall and stay asleep, such as lifestyle habits, stress, diet, medications, and other medical conditions.  Additionally, exposure to light is thought to play a large role in one’s ability to fall asleep and sleep soundly. Harvard Health has stated that exposure to blue light has the potential to suppress melatonin levels.  As many of us rely heavily on the use of technology in our daily lives at work and at home; it can be a challenge to limit the use of our blue-light emitting phones and computers. However, limiting screen time exposure, or wearing blue blocker glasses, can aid in promoting healthier, more consistent sleep patterns. 

In a recent case study, published in The Permanente Journal, it was suggested that CBD has the potential to promote improved sleep as it alleviates (or eases) conditions that may complicate healthy sleep patterns such as stress and anxiety. As such, with so many people struggling with sleep issues, it's understandable why they have turned to CBD in the hopes of finding relief. 

Since the medical community lacks extensive trials, CBD companies are encouraged by their client testimonials documenting their positive experiences using CBD as a sleep aid. 

Paul Bissonette (also known as “Biznasty” or “Biz”) has raved on the Spittin Chiclets podcast about his experiences using Urbal Activ products. They have helped him combat symptoms ranging from anxiety to the lingering symptoms of concussions. In episode 139, Biz opens up about how using Urbal Activ Hemp Drops have him “sleeping like a baby!” 

Researchers are just beginning to understand the effects of CBD usage as it relates to improving one’s quality of sleep; however, the research behind CBD and anxiety appears to be more conclusive.  

Ultimately, further research needs to be conducted to understand exactly how CBD can aid with sleep in humans, as well as other conditions and ailments. Given that CBD has rapidly attracted such widespread interest, it is very likely additional research is around the corner.  We @ Urbal Activ believe CBD has the potential to become a household staple within the next few years, not only as an aid to promote healthier sleep habits but for a wide variety of additional health benefits.  

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