Level 2 MEDIUM - Urbal Activ® CBD Drops, 60mL-900mg CBD

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99.5% Pure Ultra-high Performance Organic CBD Extract Formulated For Active Lifestyles, Fast-acting, All-Natural, Organic

Our unique Ultra-High Performance CBD Drops deliver the miraculous benefits of CBD more effectively. Containing 0% THC, these concentrated water-soluble drops are potent and portable.

And because our CBD Drops are made with greater than 99% pure CO2-extracted isolate rather than CBD oil, they have none of the “CBDy taste” you’ll find in other drops and tinctures. Mix 3-5 drops into your beverage of choice water, coffee, juice, or smoothie.

The Urbal Activ Difference

Not all CBD drops are created equal.

Most companies use CBD oil (better known as CBD oil) to formulate their CBD drops. We use only pure, CO2 extracted CBD isolate, which is significantly more efficient and greatly increases the bioavailability of CBD’s regenerative effects.

Our drops are made through nano-emulsification, and therefore 90% more bioavailable than our nearest competitor. Most CBD particles measure about 2000 nanometers, but human cells can only absorb particles that are 60-80 nanometers in width.

Our nano-sized CBD particles are 100 times smaller -- just under 20 nanometers -- and easily absorbed by your body, so you benefit from a far greater effect using much less CBD.

Use less; gain more!

Our CBD Drops:

99.5% Pure CBD Extract

100% Organic

NSF Certification Pending

No Artificial Colors or Preservatives


Zero THC

No Prescription Needed



Safe and Effective

Ultra-high Performance CBD Extract

Ingredients - 900mg of 99.5% pure cannabidiol

Purified Water, Water Soluble, CBD Isolate, 15mg CBD per mL

All ingredients 100% Organic: Gluten Free, Soy Free, Dairy Free, Nut Free, Wheat Free

This product is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. This product is not approved or regulated by the FDA.

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