Alex S., 27-Dog Tincture
Thursday, 15 June 2017
We used the Hemp tincture for our crazy dog on a road trip and she's acting like a completely different dog. Normally she's stressing, shaking and puking. Now she's just curled up asleep and enjoying the ride. Thanks for sending a sample!
Scottsdale AZ
Alisa, LCSW
Thursday, 15 June 2017
As a practitioner in the mental health field, I often deal with clients with chronic and debilitating ailments. Finding Urbalactiv.com has been wonderful for my clients. They are feeling like they haven't had in years. My colleagues, initially skeptical because of their lack of information about the benefits of Hemp Extract, are amazed at how good they feel using Urbalactiv.com products.For all my clients , Thank you Urbal Activ
Evanston, IL
Brett P and his dog Socks-Dog Treats
Thursday, 15 June 2017
My dog Socks is afraid of thunderstorms. She pants, won’t lay still, and shakes profusely because of the noise. I tried Urbal Activ® Hemp-infused dog treats, and they really help her stay calm and relaxed during thunderstorms. But the real test came this past July 4th. Some neighbors were setting off some very loud fireworks for hours.

I gave Socks 1 treat and it wasn’t quite doing the trick. Probably because the noise from the fireworks was so loud and so close. I decided to give her a second treat and a little while later, even though the neighbors were still setting off the fireworks for hours more, Socks was a lot calmer and relaxed. Thank you. Your dog treats are a lifesaver for my dog and my family!

Phoenix AZ
Elyse Shane - Highland Park, Il
Saturday, 24 March 2018

Wanted to let you all know and your clients that I went thru Back surgery using your hemp products and nothing else.

The Doctors thought I was crazy But I proved them way wrong with a much shorter recovery.
By using only Urbal drops and mints I was back at work 10 days before they told me I could be. I saw the Doctor he said go to work. 

I want to thank you all and I hope this helps others.

Joie D., 45 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I am sleeping better and feel great. Your hemp extracts are changing my life. Thank you
Edwards, CO
Julie S - 53 yrs young - Professional Dog Trainer
Thursday, 15 June 2017
I am 53 years old and a breeder of Afghan Hound show Dogs. I currently have three Afghan Hounds that live with me, an 8 1/2 year old female, a 4 year old female and an 8 month old male puppy. I am also a professional dog show Handler and trainer. In this community we try to breed healthy and well-adjusted animals so that we can enjoy our pets whether it be at home or any place we take them. I was given a 14 month old dog to show and train that had some difficulty with just her head being touched by a stranger. We tried for several months to figure out why she did not like this. People who know dogs know that they cannot speak and tell us things...therefore as owners we have to visually see how our pets react during any event; I equate this as very similar to a toddler who cannot tell his mother he is sick and throws a temper tantrum. Both children and pets react similar. I was given this product to try on this dog. I did extensive research and discussed it with my veterinarian. In fact he felt that the product would be a good thing to try with her! He told me it was very safe- So I started feeding this to her slowly and followed the directions of the representative. Within 3 days I noticed a slight change. The dog began thinking before reacting - meaning she would not immediately throw a temper tantrum when a stranger reached to pet her head- which is what she was doing- when she thought about it, she was able to see that the person was not going to hurt her- and allow them to pet her! This progressed to her eventually being able to be shown and obtaining her American Kennel Club Championship. This means she was able to be touched by a great many people and she took the time to think before reacting when someone went to touch her. We are very proud of her and would not have been able to do this without this product. After my research I decided after Consulting with my veterinarian once again to use this product on an older ( 8 years old) dog that was sometimes stiff standing up and sitting down it look like she was having a little bit of difficulty. The vet of course had already checked her out for any arthritis or anything else and did not find anything that should have caused her to be 'stiff”. So I started her on this product and within a week she was back to acting almost like a very young dog! She would run around and play in the yard and she was much more active than she has been in the past two years. She has been on this product now for almost a year... and still going strong, playing with Much younger dogs, and having a romp around the yard on a daily basis!
Grand Rapids, MI
Larry G., 73 years young
Thursday, 15 June 2017
Every year when I first start playing golf, i experience post exercise soreness. This year I used the Urbal Activ balm right after my first round and felt great for the rest of the week.
Northbrook, Il
Max P 30 years young, Scottsdale AZ
Monday, 18 June 2018
I have had a overwhelming success using a variety of Urbal Activ products. I have found the 200 mg drops to be a huge benefit to my severe anxiety problems and have replaced my prescription medications with this wonderful product. I have experienced awful side effects from generic medications and this product has completely replaced two of my medications. I also feel an amazing benefit from using the product post work out. This has helped me immensely with muscle recovery and overall well being. I use the vape juice as well and have kicked a nasty smoking habit. This is a great alternative to patches or gum. I highly suggest this product, and company, to anyone suffering from similar issues. I can absolutely guarantee a result as it has helped me within the first week of usage. The Owner of the company is amazing and takes the time out of her day to truly explain the benefits and you can sense she has a mission to truly help individuals and pets in various areas.. Urbal Activ is by far the most concentrated and best line of CBD I have used. Unfortunately, not all CBD products are made the same but rest assure, Urbal Activ is worth every cent. I would highly recommend to anyone.
Melissa Clark-For her Beloved Dog
Tuesday, 27 March 2018
We have a little dog that is 14 yrs old. He was not looking to well. Dry, hard coughing all day long. We were seriously considering putting him down. I saw this product and figured what’s the harm in making him comfortable. We are not putting him down!! He has since made BIG IMPROVEMENTS!! I will give my recommendations to everyone who will listen to me. Thanks for making a great product.